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Industrypapa suppliers,dealers,traders & Distributors of GIC Sensors in India.We stock and offer the best price of GIC Controllers,Supply Monitor Devies,Temperature Controller,Timers,Liquid Level Controller,Hour Meter,Signal Transducer,151A13B1,151H11B,151C12B,51B13B1,IRLA08S,IRLAO4S,G8DDT10,G7DDT10,V0DDTS,MJ93BK,MG53BH,MG73BH,MA51BC,MAC04D0100,LA25F1,30A6B1,Z2301N0G1FT00,Z2221N0G2FT00,2SC3D11CC3,28B21A0 RS 232 to RS 485 - RS422 Converter,28E34B0,4421AD1,24BS051D1F Switched Mode Power Supply,24AS244D6D Switched Mode Power Supply,24BS24AD4E Switched Mode Power Supply,24BS241D2F Switched Mode Power Supply,24AS126D6D Switched Mode Power Supply,24BS121D2F Switched Mode Power Supply,24BS101D2F Switched Mode Power Supply.Being a customer-focused company, put its efforts in delivering value with innovation and perfection to keep the customers satisfied. In our journey, we have come a long way and today, our clients recognized us as one of the best Sensors Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR. From our earliest days to the current scenario, we have our eyes for high-quality, great efficiency and integrity that reflects clearly in our products. As a trusted Sensors Manufacturing, Company, we design, develop and deliver highly innovative solutions customized to our customer requirements. We utilize our experience and after conducting proper research begin manufacturing to come up with the best that could give our clients value for their money. We have a trained team for all your needs. Being a paramount Sensors Manufacturers,Suppliers,Dealers,Exporters & Traders in India,we are here to hear your requirements and deliver cost-effective solutions.You can drop us your requirements via email or call. Our executives are here for your support.

  • 1.GIC MG53BH Supply Monitoring Device

  • 2.GIC MG73BH Supply Monitoring Device

  • 3.GIC MA51BC Supply Monitoring Device

  • 3.GIC MAC04D0100 Supply Monitoring Device

  • 9.GIC MAC04D0100 Supply Monitoring Device

  • 10.GIC 41A111AR Temperature Controller

  • 11.GIC 151G11B Temperature Controller

  • 12.GIC 151A12B Temperature Controller

  • 13.GIC 151L42B Temperature Controller

  • 14.GIC 151A13B1 Temperature Controller

  • 15.GIC 151H11B Temperature Controller

  • 16.GIC 151C12B Temperature Controller

  • 17.GIC 151B13B1 Temperature Controller

  • 19.GIC 12SDT0 Timer

  • 20.GIC V7DFTS3 Timers

  • 21.GIC 1CJDT0 Electronic Timer MICON Series

  • 22.GIC 120DT4 Electronic Timer

  • 23.GIC 1CMDT0 Electronic Timer

  • 24.GIC 67DDT0 Electronic Timer

  • 25.GIC J648B1 Electronic Timer

  • 26.GIC V0DDTS Electronic Timer

  • 27.GIC 44S0003 Liquid Level Controller

  • 28.GIC 4421AD1 Liquid Level Controller

  • 29.GIC LA25F1 Hour Meter

  • 30.GIC 30A6B1 Hour Meter

  • 31.GIC Z2301N0G1FT00 Digital Hour Meter & Counter

  • 32.GIC Z2221N0G2FT00 Digital Hour Meter & Counter

  • 33.GIC 2SC3D11CC3 Signal Transducer


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