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MG53BH GIC Monitoring Device

  • Suitable for 3 Phase 3 Wire system.
  • Protects against Phase Loss, Phase Reversal and Phase-Phase Unbalance.
  • Adjustable time delay.
  • Monitoring Relay 3 PH-3 W 415 VAC SM 501 Series
  • Adjustable 0.5 s On & 5 s Fixed OFF Delay time, 2 C/O.
  • LED indications for power and fault conditions.
  • Voltage sensing principle.

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More Information
Model Number
Dimension mm (WxHxD)
36 mm X 90 mm X 60 mm
48-63 Hz
Power Consumption
10 VA
Trip Settings
Phase Loss: Yes
Phase Sequence: Yes
Phase Asymmetry:10%
Under Voltage:55% to 95%
Over Voltage:105% to 125%
Hysterisis:7 V
Supply Voltage/4A Output
415 VAC (3 Phase, 3 Wire)
IP Rating
IP 20
Country Of Origin
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