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MJ93BK GIC Thermistor Relay

  • 220 - 440 VAC, PTC Thermistor Relay, 2 C/O.
  • Monitors and Protects Motors with Integrated PTC Resistor sensors.
  • Protection against Over heating for Heavy Duty Load, High Switching Frequency, High operating temperature & Insufficient cooling conditions.
  • Wide Auxiliary Supply Voltage: 24 VAC/DC, 110 - 240 VAC & 220 - 415 VAC.
  • LED Indications for Healthy, Unhealthy, Sensor Open/Short conditions.
  • 1 C/O & 2 C/O Configuration.
  • Reset Options: Auto, Manual and Remote.
  • GIC PTC Thermistor Relay Series PD225.
  • Monitors and protects motors with integrated PTC resistor sensors.
  • LED indications.
  • Auto, manual and remote reset options.

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More Information
Model Number
Dimension mm (WxHxD)
22.5 mm X 83 mm X 100.5 mm
Base / DIN rail
50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
4 VA
Supply Voltage/4A Output
220-440 VAC
IP Rating
IP 20
Country Of Origin
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