About Us

Challenging the traditional business ways,Industry papa is a virtual industry platform where you can explore numerous industrial products and much more.Post technology revolution has changed mankind and keeping in mind the same,Industry Papa strives to expand its products and services to become central to everyday lives of our customers.Not pursuing size or power,but aiming to build the future of online industry is our foremost priority,which also,guides the way we conduct our business,doing the right thing the right way.


Being the prime players of the industry,we at Industry Papa tend to cater to the needs of people who are looking for easy,time saving and convenient methods of purchase.Keeping in mind the same,our company prioritizes delightful customer experience via delivering efficient and qualitative products.


Industry Papa is one of its kind platform ,with a proud history and a bright future.We have ambitious plans for sustainable growth and an intense sense of social purpose. We work to make machines smarter,with brands and services that help people understand the value of money products.

Our strategy for sustainable growth sets out our clear and compelling vision to double the size of the business while reducing environmental footprints and increasing our positive social impact and gives life to our determination to build a sustainable business in the long run.


We are continuously committed to improve the way we manage our products, services and our valuable customers. Backed by ethical aspects and morals ,we want to work with people who have values similar to us and work to same standards as we do.Our core values consist of 4 main principles,aligned to our own code of business covering business integrity and responsibilities related to employees,consumers and the society as a whole..


We respect and value those we work with and the contribution that they make. We build trust amongst our customers and collaborate proactively with them,whenever required.


Honesty and transparency are the utmost aspects of Industry Papa.We believe that it is important to be transparent and straightforward while dealing with our customers and clients.We also create and provide solutions for customers that serve both of their long term and short term goals.

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